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As Oregon’s premier public research university, Oregon State delivers high-impact solutions toward:

Earth Ecosystems


Oregon State scientists study the planet and its inhabitants, from the biggest marine mammal to the tiniest phytoplankton. Scroll through a trove of Terra stories about climate change and wildfire, ocean acidification and oysters, rangeland management and endangered grouse, coral reef decline and lionfish invasions, wave energy and tsunamis, and much more.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

In fields as diverse as pharmacy, veterinary medicine, microbiology and exercise physiology, Oregon State researchers investigate urgent health concerns, from cancer and infectious disease to metabolic syndrome, environmental toxins, aging, child obesity and nutrition. Meet them in their labs.

Innovation and Prosperity


Robots, unmanned helicopters, underwater gliders and satellite tracking are a few of the technologies under development by scientists and engineers at Oregon State. They're designing tools so that businesses can grow, farms and ranches can thrive, workers can prosper, forests can flourish and families can be secure.