Access the online system at


Purpose: The COI online system was developed at Oregon State University to meet the needs of OSU faculty when completing disclosure forms about their outside financial interests.

Evolving Process: If you have suggestions or constructive criticism to improve the system, please contact the COI office at or 541-737-4692.

How to complete a COI form online:

  1. Login to the online system with your ONID username and password
  2. Select "My Declaration" in the left-hand navigation panel
  3. Select "Create draft" to start a new form
  4. Answer the screening questions, any activated supplements, and the affirmation at the end of the form and select “submit.”
  5. Update your form annually, within 30 days of discovering or acquiring a new Significant Financial Interest and when changes occur to your previously disclosed interests

User Roles:

  1. Faculty and Staff: Complete and submit annual COI declaration forms.
  2. Unit Heads/Deans: Review the submitted annual COI declarations of faculty and staff in your unit.  Provide input on whether a disclosed significant financial interest may affect OSU research (i.e., a conflict of interest).
  3. COI Officer/Delegate: Review all COI declarations and make a determination of whether a conflict of interest exists between the significant financial interests held by investigators and OSU research.  Maintain the online system to ensure appropriate functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions: The COI Online System

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    9. ...cancel/delete my form?
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