• Upon receipt of a new ACUP, a pre-review is performed by the IACUC Administrator or designee. Pre-review comments may be issued, including suggestions for revision.  The PI may choose to revise and resubmit.  Pre-reviews are typically helpful in reducing review time.



  • The proposal is then listed in the Committee's Call for Comment (CFC).  This document is sent to all Committee members every Friday afternoon.  Members have until the following Wednesday to issue comments.  Members may also call for Full Committee Review (FCR) if the issues are complex and would benefit from discussion.


  • If no comments are offered during CFC review, three (3) Designated Reviewers are selected to review the document, at least one of which is a veterinarian. 


  • Designated Reviewers are asked to complete their evaluations within 2 weeks for new ACUPs. 


  • IACUC staff serves as an intermediary between Designated Reviewers and PIs.  Therefore, all comments, questions and revisions are routed into iacuc@oregonstate.edu and are re-routed out to the appropriate individuals.


  • The PI replies and/or submits a revised ACUP, as applicable.  The reviewers then have 1 week to review and return to the IACUC office.  This process repeats until all items under consideration are addressed to the satisfaction of all reviewers.  The DRs also have the option of forwarding the proposal for FCR if the issues are complex and/or cannot be resolved under DR.


  • The approval date is issued when:
    • all three Designated Reviewers approve the ACUP
    • all outstanding safety and approval requirements have been met 


  • Approval letters are sent by the IACUC Chair.


Please call or email the IACUC Staff with any questions. (iacuc@oregonstate.edu, 7-9526)

New ACUP Flowchart