Question: I need the Oregon State University Animal Welfare Assurance number for my grant application.  What is that number?


Grant applications often ask for a “PHS Animal Welfare Assurance Number”.  Our OSU Assurance Number is:  A3229-01, valid until May 31, 2019.


Question: What is the OSU USDA Registration number?


The OSU USDA Registration number has 2 parts.

Certificate: 92-R-0005

Customer: 1048


Question: What is the OSU AAALAC, Int’l Accreditation number?


The OSU Animal Care and Use Program is Accredited by AAALAC, International.  Our AAALAC number is 001434.  Our most recent accreditation letter date is: March 27, 2015.


Question: Who needs to be listed on an Animal Care and Use Protocol?


Anyone that comes into direct contact with live animals, including the PI, for all research, training or teaching purposes, unless exempted by an agreement or MOU. 


Question: What are the minimum requirements for participants to be listed on an ACUP?


 Both the ACUP form and Personnel Amendment forms list the required educational components and occupational health program, along with links for easy access.


Question: What is the review process for Animal Care and Use Protocols (ACUPs) and Amendments?


Please refer to the ACUP review process narrative and flow chart page.


Question: What is the typical Animal Care and Use Protocol turn-around time? What about for amendments?


Typically, from the date of submission, the average turn-around time for a protocol is less than 7 weeks for protocols and less than 4 weeks for amendments. The review process has multiple steps that must occur prior to an item being placed on an agenda, therefore early submission is highly recommended to avoid delays in your research and teaching.


Question: When can I submit an amendment instead of writing a new ACUP?


An ACUP can be amended to include changes only if the changes are consistent with the original protocol objectives.  If justification cannot be provided as to how the proposed changes fit in with the original protocol, a new ACUP should be submitted. 

Examples of acceptable amendments include:

  • Change in protocol title, PI, alternate contact or funding source
  • Addition or change in the location of animal use
  • Request for additional animals
  • Additional strains or species requests
  • Modifications in drug dose and route of administration
  • Modification or addition of procedures (experimental, surgical, housing)
  • Changes in anesthetics or analgesics
  • Changes to methods of euthanasia
  • Modifications in pre-, intra-, and post-operative care

Question:  When does the IACUC committee meet?

Answer: The committee meets on the second Wednesday of every month. Please contact the IACUC office about the upcoming meeting schedule.