Current Solicitation

Applications are being accepted for Winter or Spring term 2014-15 Release

Proposal Deadline: Monday, November 3, 2014 by 5:00 PM

Award Announcement: Approximately Monday, December 1, 2014

**Review Criteria Update: Proposals will be evaluated on their alignment with the OSU Research Agenda.


The Faculty Release Time (FRT) program provides limited funding for individuals developing external grant proposals or who wish to further their scholarly activities.


Tenure-track faculty. Preference will be given to new or junior faculty, (hired in the last three years) and to applicants who describe incisive, innovative research with a strong likelihood of funding. Senior faculty are eligible, particularly if the proposal being developed represents a change in direction for the faculty member's research or scholarship. Pre-approval must be obtained by both the department chair or head, and the college Dean prior to submittal. Full consideration for advance replacement and term scheduling should be evaluated, so as to avoid conflicts in class planning and preparation.

Award Information

Award amounts range between $3,500 and $6,000.

Applicants will be notified via email of award decisions.

Use of Funds

The Research Office will provide funds to support the cost of a replacement instructor to cover one course, or similar responsibilities, normally presented by the applicant. Funds provided are based on the actual cost of the replacement's salary, not on the applicant's salary.

Research Compliance Requirements (if applicable)

If the proposal would involve active engagement of activities requiring compliance oversight, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to obtain approval from the appropriate compliance committee(s) prior to the initiation of the research project.  Allow sufficient time for the reveiw and approval process which could take up to ten weeks.

Application Procedure

The FRT application form is available in MS Word format. If you are unable to access this form, contact the Incentive Programs Office at (541) 737-8390 to request a paper copy. Please allow one week for delivery.

Incomplete proposals or proposals NOT following the guidelines and format instructions will NOT be considered for funding.

  1. Complete all sections of the application form.

    • Items 1-7, should be completed within the space provided.
    • Items 8-12, should be completed within three additional pages (single-spaced, 12 pt. font).
    • Item 15, obtain signatures (required)from Principal Investigator, Department Head/Chair and College Dean.
  2. Attach the following supporting documentation to the end of the proposal packet.
    • Item 13, biosketch for PI(limit two pages, including peer-reviewed publications and funding history).
    • Item 14, letter of support from Department or College.
  3. Submit the complete proposal packet on the deadline date to the Research Office, Incentive Programs. 


All application materials, including supporting documentation, must be received in the Research Office, Incentive Programs, by the deadline indicated at the top of this page.

Review Procedure

The Research Office reviews all materials and prepares summary data. Final funding and award decisions reside with the Vice President for Research.

Review Criteria

Proposals are reviewed based on quality, especially noting those that present clear concepts and specific research methods and how well they align with the OSU Research Agenda. Considerations include realistic targeting of funding sources, why those sources should be pursued, and what the scholarly impact of the proposal would be.

Final Report Requirements

Award recipients (PIs and Co-Is) are required to submit a final report at the end of term for which funds were awarded.

Award recipients (PIs and Co-Is) who fail to submit the required final report will be ineligible to receive future funding from the Research Office, Incentive Programs.

This final report will be posted on the Research Office website and will be archived such that future applicants and awardees will be able to access it as a source of reference. If there is a valid reason for not wanting the final report posted on the website, submit the justification (limit one page).

The final report should contain the following information:

  1. Header: including Proposal Title, PI, Department, College, Award Information (type of award, date of award, amount of award).
  2. A brief summary of the hypothesis or goals and the scholarly work/activities performed using the FRT support.
  3. A brief summary of any additional scholarly activities the FRT funding made possible for the PI.
  4. How and/or on what were the FRT funds expended?
  5. List all external funding requests (i.e., proposals) that have been developed and submitted as a result of the FRT funding.

Submit the final report electronically to Debbie Delmore, Research Office, Incentive Programs, at

For More Information

Contact Debbie Delmore, Research Office, Incentive Programs at: | | (541) 737-8390