What is the Institutional Review Board (IRB)?

What is the IRB’s FWA number?

What does the IRB look for when reviewing an application?

What are some common mistakes that I should avoid?

Does evaluation require IRB review?

Does “exempt” mean that my study doesn’t need IRB review?

What is the definition of minimal risk?

How do I complete the enrollment table in the continuing review application and final report forms?

When are third parties considered human subjects?

Can I mask citations in my publications to further protect the confidentiality of participants?

If I am collaborating with researchers at external institutions, which IRB reviews my study?

I am collaborating with OHSU; what should I submit to OSU?

What is the difference between feasibility studies and pilot testing?

How do I describe the use of pre-existing data in the application materials?

What is the total "target enrollment" number?

Principal Investigators and Study Team Members

Who can be a Principal Investigator (PI)?

What are the PI’s responsibilities?

When should I list collaborators as study team members?

What if I want to enroll in my own research study?

Can I enroll my children in my own research?

How do I renew my CITI training?


Do I need IRB review if my study is not funded?

Why does the IRB need a copy of my grant or contract?

The sponsoring agency wants to see that the study has IRB approval prior to releasing funds, but I haven't finished developing my study yet. What should I do?

What if my funding source requires that I make my data publicly available?

Data Security

Where and how long should the study-related documents be stored after my study is closed? 

How do I prevent Qualtrics from collecting IP addresses?

How does SurveyMonkey adhere to IRB guidelines?

Informed Consent

What do I need to know about informed consent?

How do I know whether my consent form is written at a level that study subjects will understand?

How can I reduce the reading level or increase the reading ease of my consent document?

Reporting Requirements

What do I do if a research participant tells me about an experience with sexual harassment or sexual violence?

What is the Impact of Mandatory Reporting Legislation on IRB-approved Research?

For Participants

What do I need to know before enrolling in a research study?