For a 30-minute appointment with an HRPP staff person, please complete the meeting request form.

The HRPP staff has reserved time to meet with researchers in-person from 1:30 - 4:30 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Appointments will not exceed 30 minutes.  These in-office reviews can significantly reduce delays associated with electronic document processing, thus enabling some or all of a review to take place immediately. 

Meetings will end promptly at 30 minutes. It is not always possible to issue a determination or approval at the time of an In-Office Review. The expectation is that final documents will be submitted during the meeting. When that is not the case and revised documents are submitted after the meeting, those revisions will enter the general queue in the order in which they are received.

We strongly encourage you to include a buffer between your appointment and the anticipated start of your research. Factors that impact the results of the meeting include the quality and completeness of the submission at the time of the meeting, your ability to address all of the requirements within the 30-minute appointment, the length of the documents, and the complexity of the study. In the event that the protocol must be reviewed by a Board member or an external consultant, the submission materials will be sent out after the meeting.  All members of the study team must complete the online ethics training in order for a study to be acknowledged or approved. 

Appointments are available for:

  • Pre-submission advising and guidance during your planning phase
  • Oversight determinations if you think your project may not need IRB review
  • Review of minimal risk studies (FLEX, exempt, and expedited)
  • Review of responses to stipulations

The Principal Investigator must email all study-related documents to by 10:00 am the business day before the review. If you cannot meet this deadline, we will reschedule the meeting. These documents should also be accessible to the PI during the meeting in case edits are needed. The PI must be in attendance in order for these meetings to proceed. Separate drop-in hours are available for student advising.

ORI Kids’ Corner

Researchers with IRB-related appointments on Bring Your Kids to Campus Day, or any other day, should feel free to bring their kids with them. We have a kids' corner in the Office of Research Integrity. Faculty and students with kids in tow need not miss out on in-office resources offered by the Human Research Protection Program.