Please refer to the In-office Review Checklist for more information.

Training. All members of the study team must complete the online ethics training.

Review Level. Complete the Review Level Worksheet to determine whether your study meets the definition of “exempt” research. If, during the course of the meeting, the IRB staff determines that your study is not exempt, your study will have to go through the usual queue and be assigned to an IRB member for review.

Draft Documents. Draft all required documents. 

This will always include:

  • initial application
  • protocol

Please see "Preparing an Initial Submission" for these templates.

Depending on the study, these documents may also include:

  • recruitment materials
  • eligibility screening guide
  • test instruments (e.g., surveys, questionnaires, interview guides)
  • consent documents
  • letters of support or permission from research sites when appropriate
  • external IRB approval letters and/or individual investigator agreement(s) if one or more of the study team members is not affiliated with OSU.  As this particular aspect of review can require internal and external signatures, it may result in delays.  Please contact the IRB staff at least one week prior to the review date if you have external collaborators and see the decision tree for external collaborators for more information.
  • grant application or funding contract
  • any other materials to be used in the course of the study or seen by participants

Review by Principal Investigator. It is essential that the Principal Investigator review all of the documents prior to the meeting and make any necessary adjustments.

Schedule. Complete the meeting request form to schedule a review. Appointments will not exceed 30 minutes, so please come prepared. The HRPP staff has reserved time for these reviews Wednesday and Thursdays.  

Email. Email all draft documents to by 12:00 PM the business day before the review. “In-office Review” must appear in the subject line of the email, which must come from the Principal Investigator.