When preparing an initial submission, please complete the steps below.  Note that not all of these steps are required for each project:

Step 1:  Determine who will be the Principal Investigator (PI). To qualify as a Principal Investigator, individuals must have an OSU appointment and be working within the scope of that appointment in performing the research.

Step 2: All study team members must complete the online ethics training modules

Step 3: Make the initial determination of the level of review for your study

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Step 4: Complete the initial application (updated 12/03/2014) and protocol (updated 11/24/2014)


Step 5: Create a consent or assent document or guide (updated 04/22/2014)


Step 6: Additional documents typically required for review

1. Recruitment Materials

2. Test Instruments (e.g. questionnaires, surveys, interview guides, focus group guides, etc.)


Additional steps when applicable:

Step 7: Complete forms or requirements related to vulnerable populations and others requiring additional safeguards


Step 8: Complete forms related to Biological Safety (updated 12/23/2013) or Radiation Safety (updated 12/23/2013)


Step 9: Contact the Conflict of Interest Administrator to discuss any research-related conflicts of interest


Step 10: Contact Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development about any transfer of biological materials to or from OSU


Step 11: Contact Dennis Bennett at the Writing Center if you would like help with improving the quality of protocol and consent documents