Effective January 25, 2018

IRB Leadership Role Department
Maret Traber, PhD Scientist, Chair Linus Pauling Institute
Melissa Cheyney, PhD Scientist, Vice Chair Anthropology
Primary Members Role Department
Ozge Akcali, PhD Scientist Counseling and Psychological Services
Judy Ball, PhD Non-scientist, Community Member Unaffiliated
David Barber, MLS Scientist Information Services
Janean Creighton, PhD Scientist Forest, Ecosystems, and Society
Cristòf Del Aquelarre Errante, BS Non-scientist, Student Representative Anthropology and Public Health
Jane Ishmael, PhD Scientist Pharmacy
Hal Koenig, PhD Scientist Marketing
Chris McFarland, MPH Non-scientist, Prisoner Representative Social and Behavioral Science
Leah Minc, PhD Scientist Anthropology
Mike Pavol, PhD Scientist Kinesiology
Hannah Rempel, MLIS, MS Scientist Library
Michele Ribeiro, EdD Scientist Counseling and Psychological Services
Elinor Tatham, MD, MPHTM Scientist Student Health Services
Xinhui Zhu, PhD Scientist Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering
Alternate Members Role Department
Jillian Coleman, BS Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Cathleen Gal, BA Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Ramee Kelly, MTS Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
ex-Officio Members Role Department
Nicole Wolf, BS COI review Office of Research Integrity
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office Staff
Tiffany Andrews, BS HRPP Specialist                
Jillian Coleman, BS, CIP HRPP Coordinator
Cathleen Gal, BA, CIP HRPP Coordinator
Ramee Kelly, MTS, CIP HRPP Coordinator
Lisa Leventhal, MSS, CIP HRPP Administrator
Saritha Suram, MS, RAC HRPP Coordinator