Greetings friends of Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR),

Today we are pleased to share two exciting opportunities! 

FFAR is now accepting nominations for the New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award. United States institutions of higher education are invited to nominate one outstanding individual to apply for this inaugural award, which is designed to support and inspire the next generation of food and agriculture scientists by funding creative individuals as they embark on their careers in food and agriculture. 

Call for Nominations: The New Innovator in Food and Agriculture Research Award is designed to support, through grants of up to $200,000 per year over three years, standout food and agriculture scientists within the first three years of their tenure-track or equivalent career. Selected New Innovators will be creative individuals whose innovative ideas have the potential to propel a specific area of food and agriculture science forward. The nominee need not be affiliated with a traditional agricultural school or department and in fact, we encourage institutions to nominate scientists with degrees in outside-the-box disciplines that one might not immediately associate with food and agriculture.

Nomination Requirements:
Please be prepared to submit via online form the name of nominee, department, title, institution, and FFAR Target Area of Research in which the individual will be working.  Because this award will support early career faculty members within the first three years of a tenure-track or equivalent career, you will also be required to submit the nominee’s date of appointment. 

Agency Nominations due: January 20.  If interested, please let the Office of Research Development know by January 18, 2016.  

FFAR also seeks leading experts to form the Foundation's first Advisory Councils. Council members will work closely with the FFAR staff and board to provide counsel regarding new research opportunities, programming, and specific proposals. Representatives are sought from academia, industry, commodity and producer groups, scientific societies, and other organizations with interest and insight in the food and agriculture research space. Organizations representing any of the above groups are invited to submit one nominee for each of FFAR's seven research areas:

  • Optimizing agricultural water use
  • Transforming soil health
  • Enhancing sustainable farm animal productivity, resilience, and health
  • Improving plant efficiency
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of nutrition and healthy food choices
  • Managing food production systems to enhance human nutritional outcomes
  • Spurring food system innovation 

Nomination Requirements
Please be prepared to submit via online form the name of the individual, title, institution, email address, and resume, as well as the topic area to which the individual is being nominated and the affiliation and contact info of the nominee. Each organization is invited to nominate one individual per category.

Nominations due: January 20, 2016.  View Details and Nomination Form Here


Monday, January 18, 2016
Date Open: 
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
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