Research Associates, Instructors, Emeritus Faculty, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, Post Docs, and Courtesy Faculty may serve as Principal Investigators on a proposal. The information below is the university policy; however, a college may have a more restrictive policy.

  • Graduate students may not serve as Principal Investigators, but may serve as co-Principal Investigator on Sponsored Programs proposals. If a graduate student will become a Post Doc at OSU at the commencement of a proposal, the student can be listed as a Principal Investigator. However, this requires verification by the department through a letter indicating their appointment and start date. (Note:  graduate students may not simultaneously be an OUS faculty member and an OUS graduate student (OAR 580-20-005). If an OSU unit violates this policy and hires a graduate student as an instructor (simultaneously), they may not serve as a principal investigator.)
  • Research Assistants and no-rank faculty may not be Principal Investigators without special approval from the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration; they may, however serve as co-Principal Investigators. Approval will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  A department/unit chair’s approval of the Cayuse proposal designating a Research Assistant or no-rank faculty as the Principal Investigator will serve as the request to the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration. 
  • Affiliate Faculty may not serve as Principal Investigators on proposals.