Oregon State University grants and contracts totaled almost $285 million in the 2014 fiscal year. Led by an 11-percent increase in federal funding and a steady rise in private-sector support, research revenues reached their second-highest level ever, enabling work in public health, the environment, advanced engineering and projects to help develop Oregon’s and the nation’s economy.

  •  Number of Proposals. Click here for Summary of Proposals by Year

number of proposals

  • Awards by Year.  OSU achieved its highest total research revenues in FY15. Click here for Summary of Awards by Year.


  • Awards by sponsor type. Competitive funds from federal agencies comprised 60 percent of OSU research funding. Land-grant funding from the state and federal governments account for 21 percent, and industry contributed 13 percent. Additional funds came from foundations, nonprofit organizations and state, local and foreign governments.

awards by sponsor type


  •  Licensing Incomes

    In FY15, business payments to license patented technologies for product development reached over $10 million. OSU patents for transparent transistors, wheat varieties and formaldehyde-free adhesives generated most of that income.

gross licenses

  •  Industry Revenue. Contributing to more than $37 million in industry funding were grants and contracts for research, product testing, licenses and royalties for the use of patented technologies.

industry revenue


  •  Invention Disclosures. Commercialization of technology begins with an invention disclosure by a researcher. In FY15, OSU recorded 72 invention disclosures through the Office of Commercialization and Corporate Development.

invention disclosures