COI Frequently Asked Questions


COI Policy

COI Disclosure

COI Online System

COI - Definitions

  1. What is a conflict of interest (COI)?
  2. What is a significant financial interest (SFI)?
  3. Do the SFI exclusions include foreign governments and institutions of higher education?
  4. Who is considered a “family member”?
  5. What is a conflict of commitment (COC)?
  6. What is a disclosure form (declaration)?
  7. What is an “outside activity”?
  8. What are examples of conflicts of interest in research?Return to Top of FAQ Section

FAQs - RCOI Policy 

  1. What does the COI Policy address?
  2. What policy addresses what outside activities faculty/staff can participate in?
  3. What policy addresses when faculty/staff can work with family members or members of their household?
  4. What policy addresses when faculty/staff can procure goods or services when a COI exists?
  5. Why does the University need a COI Policy?
  6. Why is disclosure necessary?
  7. Who will be able to see my disclosed financial interests?
  8. If I disclose a financial interest, will it delay submission of my proposal?
  9. If it is determined that I have a COI, will it affect the acceptance of an award?
  10. Why are “family members” and their financial interests included in what I have to disclose?
  11. Can I start a company… consult… serve on a board of directors… lecture at another University… etc.?Return to Top of FAQ Section

FAQs -  RCOI Disclosure 

  1. I don’t have a COI, why do I have to complete a disclosure form?
  2. Where do I find the disclosure form?
  3. Who has to disclose?
  4. How often do I have to disclose my financial interests?
  5. Why do I have to complete another form if I completed one last year?
  6. How long will it take to complete the form?
  7. What types of activities/interests do I have to disclose?
  8. Who is going to see my disclosure form?
  9. What happens after I submit my disclosure form?
  10. Who determines if a conflict of interest exists?
  11. What happens if I have a research COI?
  12. What is a Conflict of Interest Management Plan?Return to Top of FAQ Section

FAQs - RCOI online system

  1. I keep receiving automated email messages; how do I make them stop?
  2. What is the website/web address/URL for the online system?
  3. How do I...
    1. ...login to the system?
    2. ...find my form?
    3. ...update my form?
    4. ...change my email address?
    5. ...change my email frequency?
    6. my form without submitting?
    7. my form to my computer?
    8. ...find the status of my form?
    9. ...cancel/delete my form?
  4. Why is the information in my profile incorrect?
  5. Where do I get assistance with my ONID username and password?Return to Top of FAQ Section