COI Frequently Asked Questions


COI Policy

COI Disclosure


COI - Definitions

  1. What is a conflict of interest (COI)?
  2. What is a significant financial interest (SFI)?
  3. Do the SFI exclusions include foreign governments and institutions of higher education?
  4. Who is considered a “family member”?
  5. What is a conflict of commitment (COC)?
  6. What is a disclosure form (declaration)?
  7. What is an “outside activity”?
  8. What are examples of conflicts of interest in research?Return to Top of FAQ Section

FAQs - RCOI Policy 

  1. What does the COI Policy address?
  2. What policy addresses what outside activities faculty/staff can participate in?
  3. What policy addresses when faculty/staff can work with family members or members of their household?
  4. What policy addresses when faculty/staff can procure goods or services when a COI exists?
  5. Why does the University need a COI Policy?
  6. Why is disclosure necessary?
  7. Who will be able to see my disclosed financial interests?
  8. If I disclose a financial interest, will it delay submission of my proposal?
  9. If it is determined that I have a COI, will it affect the acceptance of an award?
  10. Why are “family members” and their financial interests included in what I have to disclose?
  11. Can I start a company… consult… serve on a board of directors… lecture at another University… etc.?Return to Top of FAQ Section

FAQs -  RCOI Disclosure 

  1. I don’t have a COI, why do I have to complete a disclosure form?
  2. Where do I find the disclosure form?
  3. Who has to disclose?
  4. How often do I have to disclose my financial interests?
  5. Why do I have to complete another form if I completed one last year?
  6. How long will it take to complete the form?
  7. What types of activities/interests do I have to disclose?
  8. Who is going to see my disclosure form?
  9. What happens after I submit my disclosure form?
  10. Who determines if a conflict of interest exists?
  11. What happens if I have a research COI?
  12. What is a Conflict of Interest Management Plan?Return to Top of FAQ Section