What is a Conflict of Interest?     What is a Research Conflict of Interest?


Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest (COI) develops when a person's activities or interests could adversely affect their professional judgment as they perform their OSU-affiliated work.

The existence of a perceived, potential, or actual conflict of interest does not necessarily mean that the conflict will result in bias, or adversely influence a person's work. However, it does increase the risk that a person will not recognize or promptly mitigate bias that could stem from the influence(s) that their additional activities and interests can impose upon them.


Research Conflict of Interest

A research COI (RCOI) develops if a person's financial interest is related to their research at OSU. If this relationship exists, it could impact the objectivity of their research program, the safety and welfare of research subjects, or the interests of students and trainees. A conflict of interest may also arise if a financial interest has the potential to affect their other OSU responsibilities, such as teaching, service, or administrative duties.


RCOI Program Goals

  • Promote objectivity and integrity across OSU-affiliated research and activities
  • Protect the public's trust in research and integrity at OSU
  • Comply with federal regulations and requirements for research funding, oversight, and publication
  • Communicate clear disclosure guidelines, and identify actual, potential, and perceived conflicts of interest
  • Create an environment that allows individuals to feel comfortable communicating with the RCOI Program Office


Expectations for those with Academic Appointments and other Covered Persons

See also: Checklist for Incoming Faculty and Researchers

  • Ensure your COI disclosure information in iRIS remains current. You must review and update your COI disclosure:
    • Annually, at minimum
    • Within 30 days of a new or significant change in your outside professional activities or financial interests   
  • Ensure your COI training course in CITI remains current.  The COI course must be taken at least once every four years.
  • Communicate with the RCOI Program office when any questions arise.  See contact information below or email COI@oregonstate.edu.

Research COI Program Staff


Rebecca Henry
Office: 541-737-2762
Email: COI@oregonstate.edu