What is a Conflict of Interest?  What is a Research Conflict of Interest?

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when a person has relationships or interests that affect - or could appear to affect - their professional judgment as they perform their OSU-affiliated work and responsibilities.

The existence of a conflict of interest (perceived, potential, or actual) does not necessarily mean that the conflict has resulted, or will result, in undue influence or bias to a person's work at OSU. However, it does increase the risk that a person will not recognize and/or appropriately manage the influence(s) that their additional relationships or interests can impose on their OSU responsibilities and activities. 

Research Conflict of Interest

A research COI (RCOI) exists when a person with responsibility for some aspect of OSU-affiliated research design, conduct, reporting, or oversight has a relationship with or interest in an entity that is external to OSU which could affect - or appear to affect - their research, research they help oversee, or other activities that relate to their OSU roles and responsibilities.

RCOI Program Goals

  • Promote objectivity and integrity across OSU-affiliated research and affiliated programs and activities
  • Protect the public's trust in research and integrity at OSU
  • Comply with federal regulations and requirements for research funding, oversight, and publication
  • Communicate clear disclosure guidelines, and identify actual, potential, and perceived conflicts of interest
  • Create an environment that allows individuals to feel comfortable communicating with the RCOI Program Office

Expectations for those with Academic Appointments and other Covered Persons

  • Promote research objectivity and integrity at OSU by following the Research Conflicts of Interest Policy
  • Complete basic RCOI Program Requirements
  • Ensure your COI disclosure information in iRIS remains current. You must review and update your COI disclosure information:
    • Annually, at minimum
    • Prior to submission of a research funding proposal
    • Within 30 days of a new or significant change in your outside professional activities or financial interests   
  • Ensure your COI training course in CITI remains current.  The COI course must be taken at least once every four years.
  • Communicate with the RCOI Program office when any questions arise.  See contact information below or email COI@oregonstate.edu.

Research COI Program Staff


Rebecca Henry
Phone: 541-737-2762
Email: COI@oregonstate.edu

Responsibilities: Provides educational opportunities for faculty about various aspects of OSU's RCOI Program; conducts disclosure submission pre-reviews and communicates with submitters as needed to gather information regarding their research, supervisory, and financial interests; maintains the COI online disclosure system; provides support to the RCOI Officer

RCOI Officer

Irem Y. Tumer, Vice President for Research
Email: COI@oregonstate.edu

Responsibilities: Performs final review of disclosures; in-depth review and assessment of research conflict of interest cases; executes RCOI assessments and management plans; and monitors research conflict of interest management plans along with a person's supervisor, and their unit or college administrators.