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Frequently asked questions


  1. Is this iMedRIS email legitimate?
  2. How do I login to iRIS?

Completing a COI Disclosure:

  1. Do I have to complete a COI disclosure form?
  2. How do I complete a COI disclosure form?

Completing COI Training:

  1. Do I have to take COI training?
  2. How do I complete COI training?
  3. a CITI Guide to Getting Started is available for the OSU community here

COI Disclosure and Training Expiration Dates:

Is this iMedRIS email legitimate?

iRIS is OSU’s online system for research integrity form submissions and management. All Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures are submitted in iRIS, and automated notices sent from iRIS come from the email account "".  These are legitimate emails and should be reviewed promptly.

Remember, iRIS-generated emails will never ask you to provide any personal information.  They will only indicate that you have a task to complete, or confirm that you have completed a task, and may provide one or more links for further assistance.

How do I login to iRIS?

Log in to iRIS at  This site will ensure that your login information is verified through OSU's central authentication system prior to entering the iRIS website.

If you are unable to log in to iRIS, contact the OSU Help Desk by submitting a support ticket or calling 7-8787. You will receive assistance within 24 hours.

If you are able log in to iRIS but do not have access to the form that you need, you can request access using this form: Request iRIS Access.  If you only need access to the COI disclosure form, you may contact directly to request access.

Do I need to submit a COI disclosure?  

This applies to all university employees with an academic appointment and may apply to others, such as students or collaborators, upon request. Individuals with an academic appointment at OSU must:

  1. submit a COI disclosure within 30 days of hire,
  2. update their disclosure on an annual basis, and
  3. update their disclosure within 30 days if a new financial interest is acquired.
How do I submit my COI disclosure form online?

Login to iRIS using your ONID credentials at

Visit the iRIS webpage for guidance on navigating the iRIS system and completing your annual disclosure form.


Do I need to complete COI Training?

Yes, if you are required to submit a COI disclosure form, then you must also successfully complete OSU's COI training course, available online at the CITI website, within 30 days of hire, and at least once every four years thereafter. 

More information about the course is available here:

New!  CITI may now be accessed via OSU's single sign-on (SSO) system here.

How do I complete COI Training?

OSU sponsors multiple ethics- and compliance-based courses that are available on the CITI (pronounced “city”) website, including COI, IRB/Human Research, IACUC/Animal Care and Use, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), and Export Controls. 

Once you login to CITI, you will be able to choose the course(s) you need when you complete the compliance-area questionnaire.  For example, if you needed to take the COI course, you would respond "Yes" to the Conflicts of Interest question.  The COI course would then be added to your CITI account "curriculum".

The CITI website also provides detailed instructions in their FAQs section about how to add a course to your account.

Please review your CITI user profile while you are on the website, and ensure that the email address you use for CITI accurately reflects your OSU affiliation by reviewing your primary and institutional email address fields.

Warning: If you not use OSU's SSO option to login to CITI, your completed training records may not accurately associate with your user account in iRIS, and this may delay review of your form submission(s).

I've already completed my COI disclosure in iRIS and and my COI training in CITI.  Why did I receive an email indicating that I must do this again?

Both the COI disclosure in iRIS and the COI training in CITI will expire after a certain period of time, and each individual is responsible for keeping their disclosure and training current.

COI Disclosure:  COI disclosures must be updated at least annually, prior to their expiration date.  An automated email reminder is sent from "" two weeks prior to the annual expiration date in iRIS. If a COI disclosure form is allowed to expire, then up to four expiration notices will be sent with information that directs that person to complete their COI disclosure.

COI Training/Course Completion: COI training courses must be completed at least every four (4) years.  If you've received an email from CITI, your unit head, or from OSU's COI program office ( referencing the need to complete COI training, then the Conflicts of Interest course must be completed online at CITI promptly.

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