OSU policy and federal regulation require training for OSU investigators on OSU's institutional COI policy, investigator responsibilities regarding disclosure, and federal regulations on COI.  Other training opportunities are available, including presentations to departments, research labs, and classes.


Required Training

Who must complete the training?

Any individual who completes an annual COI disclosure form must complete training.  Those required to complete an annual form and therefore training are:

  1. Professorial Faculty
  2. Research Associates
  3. Post-Doctoral Scholars and Fellows
  4. Any individual listed by name on a sponsored project
  5. Any other individual who is requested to complete a form by a unit head, dean or the COI Officer

Courtesy Faculty: If a Courtesy faculty member's primary employment is with an institution of higher education or a government agency, they may have completed a COI-specific training through their primary employer that could count toward OSU's COI training requirement.  Contact the RCOI Program Office at COI@oregonstate.edu to see if it qualifies.

How often must training be taken?

Investigators proposing for or receiving funding from a Public Health Service (PHS) agency (see PHS agencies) must complete training every four years, when OSU revises its COI policy, when investigators are new to OSU, and when investigators are found to be non-compliant with OSU policy or COI management.  All other individuals complete the training once, unless otherwise requested by the RCOI Officer.

How is training completed?

OSU facilitates the completion of COI training through the CITI (pronounced "city") training module.  CITI is also used by the IRB and IACUC for their respective training requirements.  There are three modules that need to be completed for COI training.  Modules consist of material to read and a quiz.  To complete the training, 100% of the quiz questions must be answered correctly (quizzes may be re-taken).  How to access the training modules depends on whether you have completed CITI modules in other areas (human subjects research, animal subjects research or responsible conduct of research).

New Users:

  1. Go to https://www.citiprogram.org/
  2. Register as a New User
    1. Select Oregon State University as the "Participating Institution"
  3. Select Curriculum
    1. Question 1: Answer "Not at this time" (unless you need to take ethics training for human subjects research)
    2. Question 2: Answer "Not at this time" (unless you are an IO/SO for human subjects research and need to complete training)
    3. Question 3: Answer "Not at this time" (unless you need to take ethics training for animal use in research and teaching)
    4. Question 4: Skip (unless you need to take optional ethics training for animal use in research and teaching)
    5. Question 5: Answer "Not at this time" (unless you need to take training in the responsible conduct of research)
    6. Question 6: Select "Yes" to enrolling in the Conflicts of Interest course
  4. Complete training: Select "Oregon State University Courses" to expand the menu, then select "Enter" under the OSU COI Course, Stage 1
    1. Review integrity statement and CITI introduction
    2. Complete "FCOI: Overview, Investigator Responsibilities and COI Rules" module and quiz
    3. Complete "Institutional Responsibilities as They Affect Investigators" module and quiz
    4. Complete "COI Institution-Specific Policies" module and quiz
  5. Re-take modules as needed to attain a 100% score on all required modules
  6. Once completed, a notice of completion will be sent automatically to the OSU COI office (COI@oregonstate.edu)

Returning Users to CITI:

  1. Go to https://www.citiprogram.org/
  2. Login in using your username and password (or follow directions if you've forgotten your username and/or password)
  3. Select "Add a course or update your learner groups for Oregon State University"
  4. Scroll to Question 6: Conflicts of Interest and select "yes" and submit
    1. Answer "Not at this time" to the other modules, if you have not already done so and don't need to complete such training.
  5. Follow instructions 4-6 as listed above under New Users

Contact the COI office with any questions about completing CITI training: COI@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4692.


Other Training Opportunities

Research Conflict of interest presentations and discussions can be given or led by the RCOI Administrator, the RCOI Officer and/or members of the RCOI Committeee.  Topics for presentations or discussions include: A primer on conflicts of interest in research, How to satisfy OSU RCOI requirements, and What RCOI management means.  If you would like a RCOI Program representative to give a presentation or facilitate a discussion, please contact the RCOI Administrator, at COI@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-4692.