1. Login to your iRIS account at https://oregonstate.imedris.net using your ONID credentials.

2. Click "My Profile" (located in upper-right corner), then "Settings", then "My Account"

3. Click "Training History" (located in left-side column) - your completed CITI courses are automatically uploaded into your iRIS profile

If the CITI course records in your iRIS profile appear inaccurate, please check your CITI records directly.

To do this, login to the CITI website and click your name in the upper right corner of the page to access your account profile to check the following:

a. your CITI account name should match your OSU Directory name

b. your primary email address in CITI should be your current First.Last@oregonstate.edu email address

c. your “Institutional Profiles” in CITI should include Oregon State University