Looking for a video that shows each of the following steps?  Click here for a short, visual, step-by-step instruction video, then login using the link below.


Text-only instructions for navigating to your research-based disclosure form:
    •    Log in to OSU's Cayuse Platform site at https://oregon-state.app.cayuse.com/ using your ONID credentials. 
    •    Click on your name in the upper right corner, then click "My Profile" in the dropdown list.
    •    In the left-side column, scroll down to the bottom and click "COI Disclosures"
    •    Click the "+ New Disclosures" button.  Always choose "+ New Disclosures" instead of "modify".
    •    Choose "start a Research-based Disclosure" (note that the Annual Disclosure option is not in use at this time) then click "Next".
    •    Feel free to click "No thanks" if the Cayuse Help Center pop-up comes up (and see the screenshot instructions for more information about how to access Cayuse Help)
    •    You should land on the first section of the research-based disclosure form and can begin.

Text-only instructions on how to complete the research-based disclosure form