OSU has established policies regulating all research that includes scuba diving and/or small boating activities under the auspices of the university. Scientific diving operations and small boat use for research are overseen by the OSU Diving Safety Officer (DSO).

Scientific Diving

Any university employee, or person(s) conducting scientific diving under the auspices of OSU, must meet OSU standards and polices and have their diving approved by the OSU Diving Control Board. The Diving Safety Officer is then responsible, through the Diving Control Board, to the Office of Research Integrity, for the conduct of the university's scientific diving activities. OSU scientific diving operations are conducted in accordance with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences Standards for Scientific Diving (May 2013).

Small Boat Use

Any person utilizing small boats (motorized or non-motorized) for research activities under the auspices of OSU must meet OSU standards and policies and have their scientific boating projects approved by the OSU DSO or designee. The OSU small boat program is currently under development. Researchers whose work includes small boat or float craft operations should contact the Diving Safety Officer directly. For more information, see Scientific Boating.


To Become an OSU Scientific Diver

Maintaining Certification

AAUS Online Dive Log Site

Scientific Small Boat Requirements

For more information on meeting the compliance requirements for these activities please contact Kevin Buch,
Diving Safety Officer

Office Phone: 541-737-6893; Mobile 541-740-4577
Fax: 541-737-9041