OSU Scientific Diving

Any university employee, or person(s) conducting scientific diving under the auspices of Oregon State University, must meet OSU standards and polices and have their diving approved by the OSU Diving Control Board (DCB). The Diving and Boating Safety Officer (DBSO) is then responsible, through the Diving Control Board, to the Office of Research Integrity, for the conduct of the university's scientific diving activities. OSU scientific diving operations are conducted in accordance with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Standards for Scientific Diving (Mar 2019).

COVID-19 and OSU Scientific Diving

Becoming an OSU Scientific Diver

Want to join the select few who actually conduct research underwater? Here's how you can get involved. 

Current Scientific Divers

What you need to know to keep your certification current. 

The OSU Dive Plan

Plan your dive and dive your plan. 

Logging Dives

As a Scientific Diver you are required to log at least 12 dives a year to stay in active status.

Maintaining Certification

Dive medical, dive insurance, gear inspections and servicing. All you need to know about maintaining your certification. 

Lead Diver Authorization

Have what it takes to be a Lead Diver? 

Equipment Rentals

Looking to rent some dive gear?

Close Call/Incident Reporting

Here is how to stay compliant and help others learn from our experiences.

Small Boat Program

If you are diving from a boat or if your research or educational project involves boating contact the OSU Small Boat Program

A Description of OSU's Scientific Diving Program