13 June 2019

Oregon State colleagues,

In recent weeks, you may have read and heard concerns expressed across the nation and in the media regarding international research and academic research collaborations.

Much of this concern focuses on the protection of sensitive or restricted technological research.

Little – to almost none – of the vast and extraordinary research that we conduct at Oregon State University is considered sensitive or restricted. Nonetheless, when the propriety of global research partnerships is in question, it is essential that OSU affirms its 150-year land grant mission to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world.

We will continue to fulfill this mission through our commitment to open access and sharing of research; by fostering greater inclusivity and diversity; and by being a welcoming campus that promotes belonging, collaboration and innovation among all people and all nations.

At Oregon State University, we annually enroll 3,400 international students and host more than 500 faculty scholars from throughout the world. We also advance our mission by engaging in global research, teaching and outreach partnerships with faculty, universities and businesses. OSU places high value on partners who recognize that open global access to research findings advances cultural understanding, learning and the pursuit of discovery and innovation in service of others. Additionally, we look for partners who are committed to strengthen not only a global community and economy, but who also recognize OSU’s contributions to the Oregon economy and communities throughout our state.

We pursue this important work while also operating in compliance with all local, state and federal laws. We stand ready to support our excellent faculty and staff to succeed fully and are committed to compliant university policies and practices that enable and support the teaching, research and outreach activities, including those with international partners. For example, the Research Office is ready to assist with coordinating with the Office of International Services on visiting scholar visas to minimize visa denials and delays.

Meanwhile, the university has signed the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities letter in support of legislation to establish an interagency work group and a task force that includes higher education representatives to assess and address security concerns for federally funded research.

If you are experiencing challenges to conducting your teaching, research and outreach in open and accessible ways within the context of your international research collaborations, please visit www.oregonstate.edu/export for information, tools and support. If you have questions regarding international services offered at OSU, including information regarding traveling abroad in your university role, please visit the Office of International Services website.

And if you have any concerns about Oregon State University’s research partnerships, please contact me personally.

Thank you for contributing to OSU’s success and to our collective efforts to make our university a place where all members of a global community can feel welcome as students, faculty researchers, partners and guests.


Irem Y. Tumer

Interim Vice President for Research