International Visitors, Scholars, and Employees

All international visitors, scholars, and employees not currently residing in the United States invited to Oregon State University must be screened in the International Compliance system prior to arrival on OSU’s campus or prior to approval for an extension if already on campus. The PI or supervisor responsible for the visitor should provide the information to the system. The information requested includes but is not limited to: the visitor’s name, citizenship, current and past affiliations, the purpose of the visit, proposed research, access needs, accompanying dependents, and date of arrival and departure. If possible, the professor or department sponsoring the visitor should also upload a copy of the visitor’s CV and passport. This is not always required but aids in the screening process.

For visa beneficiaries where OSU is sponsoring the scholar’s visa, the PI or supervisor responsible for the beneficiary should complete OSU's Deemed Export Verification for Non-Immigrant Visas form (see the link below) along with a copy of the scholar’s CV and the identification page from their passport. Please remember that some scholars may require an export license depending on their citizenship and proposed research at OSU and this can take between four weeks and nine months. Below are instructions for the Deemed Export Verification for Non-Immigrant Visas form submittal:

  • Please go to the Deemed Export Verification for Non-Immigrant Visas system.
    • New users should enter their OSU email address, click LOG IN, and will then be prompted to complete the registration process; or
    • If you are an existing user, enter your login credentials. 
    • Note: Some special characters are not accepted in passwords (e.g. @, #, $, *).
  • From the main menu:
    • Select "New Request" then "Hiring a non-U.S. person (I-129) (even if unpaid).
    • From the "Event" drop drop-down select "J Visa Screening" or "International Hiring Screen 1" (for H-1Bs, TNs, E-3s, etc.).
  • Complete the entire form as thoroughly as you can then submit. 
    • Note One: Please use the visa beneficiary's first and last name as the Case Name
    • Note Two: The name of the department, supervisor, and type of research is referring to OSU.
  • The request will be reviewed by the Export Compliance Officer, and you will be sent an email with the results of the export control evaluation once complete. 
    • If you have any problems or questions when submitting the required form in the Deemed Export Verification for Non-Immigrant Visas system, please contact the Export Compliance Officer for assistance.

For international visitors, scholars, and employees, the Export Compliance Officer (ECO) will email the sponsor or department sponsoring the visitor results of the screening and confirmation that no issues are present or directions for any further action. The ECO will notify the sponsor or department if there is an export license required or if there is anything that the visitor or international scholar cannot see or access due to export control regulations or requirements. It is recommended that international visitors and scholars not be shown anything not currently published or otherwise currently in the public domain. The sponsor is responsible for export control compliance as it relates to international visitors, scholars and employees.