“The Research Office recommends that OSU faculty and researchers who engage in international collaboration review these slides from the Office of Science and Technology Policy to learn about current federal concerns and how to position your research to meet federal requirements.”

The U.S. government has expressed concerns regarding inappropriate influence by foreign entities over federally funded research, specifically because some federally funded researchers at U.S. institutions have failed to disclose their relationships and activities with foreign institutions and funding agencies. The U.S. government believes these relationships might render academic institutions susceptible to espionage, theft of data and intellectual property, and other security risks. Several federal agencies have indicated that failure to disclose foreign relationships and activities may jeopardize eligibility for future funding.

OSU acknowledges the importance of matters of national security and sensitive or restricted technology or research. Faculty engaging in or intending to engage in federal research have a responsibility to be aware of and comply with federal reporting and transparency requirements.

The land grant mission of Oregon State University is to promote economic, social, cultural and environmental progress for the people of Oregon, the nation and the world. 

The university advances this mission through its commitment to open access of information, sharing of research, honoring academic freedom, and by engaging in global research, teaching and outreach partnerships with faculty, universities and private sector partners.

To support achievement of its mission, the university and the OSU community prioritize:

  • Enabling faculty and students to engage in global discovery, learning, and outreach and engagement through supportive processes and procedures.
  • Facilitating research and learning while ensuring security of intellectual property, classified and other protected information.
  • Informing the university community and others transparently regarding OSU’s mission and policies.
  • Advancing an inclusive and welcoming university community.