Getting Started

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Instructional videos are provided below.  Note: there is no sound, only visual instruction.


1. Creating an RCOI Form
2. Completing an RCOI Form
3. Submitting an RCOI Form
4. Copying an RCOI Form


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


FAQ 1: I need to submit my RCOI form. When I open my form in iRIS, I don’t have a “Continue” button in upper left corner – only a “Print” button. I can’t complete and submit my form.

A: You may be looking at a previously submitted version of your RCOI form. 

Screenshots are provided below to help identify new forms and previously submitted forms.


Entering the iRIS COI module, “Welcome” is in the upper left corner. The page layout is shown below:

To start a new COI form for submission, click the yellow folder icon at the bottom of the screen below labeled “Annual Conflict of Interest Renewal Notice”.

When the Annual Conflict of Interest Renewal Notice icon is clicked, the following screen will open. A new form won’t have a reference number yet (upper left) and there are Print, Save, and Continue buttons (upper right):

You’re in the right place if you want to complete and submit a COI form!

Other iRIS screens

The screen below captures a page that lists records associated with your COI form submission(s). Previously saved and submitted records may be identified by the Reference #. Submission date and time, and Form # can also help distinguish one document from another.

When the above completed submission (from 2017) is opened, it looks like the screen below. There are no upper right buttons to Save or Continue – only Print.


Contact Info

For questions regarding the RCOI disclosure form, the RCOI Policy, the RCOI module in iRIS, or anything else related to research conflicts of interest, contact:

RCOI Program Administrator