The committee is scheduled to meet on the second Wednesday of every month via ZOOM, starting at 8:30 am. Please contact to request a ZOOM link to the meeting, as date and/or time may occasionally change.

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Grant applications often ask for a “PHS Animal Welfare Assurance Number”.  Our assurance number is: D16-00145, valid until May 31, 2027.


Our USDA Registration number has 2 parts:  Certificate: 92-R-0041; Customer: 503605

Yes, the OSU Animal Care and Use Program is fully accredited by AAALAC, International.  Our most recent site visit took place on July 7-9, 2021.

The principal investigator, and anyone that comes into direct contact with live animals for all research, testing, training, or teaching purposes, unless exempted by a written agreement. 

The IACUC protocol form lists prerequisite educational and occupational health program requirements.

From the date of submission, the median turn-around time is usually less than 6 weeks for protocols and less than 3 weeks for amendments.

An approved IACUC protocol can be amended to include changes if the changes are consistent with the original protocol scope and objectives.  We recommend submitting your protocol amendment at least 4 weeks before you plan to incorporate the requested changes.

Examples of amendments include:

  • Change in protocol title
  • Change in funding source
  • Change of principal Investigator (PI)
  • Addition or deletion of protocol Participants 
  • Addition or change of IACUC-approved locations for animal housing or procedures
  • Request to add additional animals
  • Request to add additional strains or species 
  • Modifications regarding use of drugs or compounds, dosing, and route of administration
  • Modifications regarding use of anesthetics, analgesics, and peri-operative animal care
  • Modification or addition of procedures performed with animals
  • Changes to methods of euthanasia

If the proposed changes do not fit with the scope and objectives of the original protocol, a new IACUC protocol should be submitted.

IACUC protocols may describe plans for animal care and use for up to 3 years.  IACUC-approved protocols come with a protocol approval letter that lists the 3-year expiration date.

If you want to continue work beyond the final (3-year) expiration date, you must receive a new IACUC approval letter for a new IACUC protocol submission prior to the 3-year expiration date of your expiring protocol.  We recommend submitting your updated IACUC protocol at least 8 weeks in advance of the final expiration date.

Some funding agencies require verification that an IACUC has reviewed and approved all animal care and use described in a funding proposal, prior to an award. 

At OSU, the Animal Program office verifies that animal work described in a funding proposal is essentially the same (congruent) as that described in the IACUC-approved protocol. 

In order to do so, the PI must provide the Animal Program office with timely and accurate project information and documentation.

Our Animal Program office is still responsible for verifying IACUC protocol-grant congruency if OSU administers funding for the project, regardless of the proposed site for the work.