• IACUC documents (Protocols, Amendments, etc.) must be submitted in iRIS by the Principal Investigator.
  • Animal Program Office Staff serve as the conduit between the Committee and Investigators during review.  Submission comments, questions, and revisions are delivered to the Animal Program Office (APOffice@oregonstate.edu) and then re-routed to the appropriate individuals.
  • Upon receipt of a new IACUC submission, a pre-review is performed by Animal Program Office Staff. Pre-review comments may include suggestions for revision, prior to Committee review.  Pre-reviews are typically helpful in reducing time to approval by ensuring that submissions are complete and clear before they are sent to the Committee.
  • Decreased review time can occur when the following is completed or obtained promptly, as applicable: 
  • IACUC submissions that have completed pre-review are provided to Committee members at the end of each week to allow for any item to be Called to Full Committee review (CFC).  Committee members must have at least 2 full business days to examine submissions prior to review assignment.
  • If there is no call for full Committee review, submissions will be assigned for Designated Member Review (DMR).  Designated Reviewers are assigned by the IACUC Chair and all submissions involving potential pain or distress are reviewed by a veterinarian.
  • Designated Reviewers typically complete their evaluations within 1 week of assignment, and any questions or Modifications required to Secure Approval (MSAs) are sent back to the PI for response and/or revision.  There may be more than one cycle of Reviewer questions and PI responses.
  • Designated Reviewers must refer a submission to Full Committee Review if there is not unanimous agreement about conditions for approval, or if there is a stalemate between the Reviewers and the PI. 
  • Approval may be granted when:
    • all Designated Reviewers approve the protocol
    • all outstanding safety and ancillary review requirements have been met 
  • IACUC Protocol approval letters include the final, 3-year expiration date.

Please contact Animal Program Staff with any questions about the IACUC review process: