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Anyone with direct knowledge about animal mistreatment associated with Oregon State University should immediately contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ("IACUC" or "Committee"), the Attending Veterinarian, or one of the contacts listed below.  A mechanism for anonymous reporting is also available and described below.

Suspected concerns involving inappropriate, unauthorized, or noncompliant conduct of activities involving animal care and use should be reported promptly to the IACUC.  It is the IACUC's responsibility to review concerns and incidents, and initiate appropriate follow-up actions.

The Animal Welfare Act protects the rights of individuals who report animal welfare concerns in good faith, and prohibits discrimination against or reprisal for reporting of violations of associated regulations and standards.  In addition, it is against Oregon State University's policy to retaliate against those who report suspected wrongdoing in good faith.  See the Oregon Whistleblower's Protection Law (ORS 659A.199).


Prompt reporting of concerns enables protection for any affected animals, and promotes a caring and ethical culture here at OSU.

Reports should include (but are not limited to) instances of:

  1. Significant adverse impact on the health or welfare of one or more animals
  2. Significant threat of adverse impact to animal welfare (such as extended power outages, flooding, facility damage)
  3. Significant or repeated noncompliance issues with regulatory (State of Oregon, OLAW, USDA) or funding entity (NSF, NIH) requirements
  4. Significant or repeated noncompliance issues with OSU and Animal Program Protocols, Policies, Assurances, and Agreements

Note that the Attending Veterinarian (AV) is authorized to assess and immediately halt any animal activities or procedures that, per their professional judgement, threaten the health or welfare of animals. As a member of the IACUC, the AV provides a prompt report to the Chair and/or Animal Program Office.

Individuals may provide reports to any of the individuals below, or via OSU's EthicsPoint (online: oregonstate.ethicspoint.com or by phone: 1-855-388-4971).  Individuals may choose to remain anonymous when using EthicsPoint, and when making a report in person.

When making a report, please provide the following details when possible: date & time, location(s), animal species and numbers, associated Protocol(s), descriptions of particular incidents or events, and any actions taken. 

If there is an emergency, that endangers you or others, call 911 or Public Safety (541) 737-7000 immediately.

Contact list for animal welfare concerns:

Additional information about EthicsPoint is provided below.

Figure 1 – The website hyperlink leads here; “FAQs” & “Make a Report” tabs are at the top.


Figure 2 - Clicking on the “Make A Report” tab leads here.


Figure 3 – Scroll down to click the arrow for the "Research" section.

Figure 4 - Click on "Human or Animal Research" to begin a report.


Figure 5 - Clicking on "Human or Animal Research" arrow leads here.


Figure 6 - There's an option to submit a report and remain anonymous.