Dec. 21, 2018

Oregon State community members,

As you are likely aware, Congress has not passed legislation to fund some federal government operations starting Saturday, Dec. 22. If funding legislation has not been adopted by that time, approximately one-quarter of the federal government’s departments and agencies will cease non-essential operations until funding is restored.

We are closely monitoring this situation. At this time, there is no certainty that a funding agreement with the White House will be reached in time to avoid a partial federal government shutdown.

As you know, Oregon State University receives significant federal funds for research, land grant programs and student financial aid. We are evaluating the possible impact of a government shutdown on all aspects of university operations, and preparing for any possible outcome.

University officials remain in frequent communication with members of Oregon’s Congressional delegation and other federal leaders regarding the importance of ensuring government continues to operate without interruption.

Meanwhile, we are aware that the U.S. departments of Education and Veteran Affairs have already received full fiscal-year funding, and that there will be no disruption to financial aid or veterans’ benefits. As well, the U.S. departments of Energy and Defense also have received full fiscal-year funding, so there will be no disruptions to facility operations or research under these departments.

For more information on the implications of the shutdown on research and to access information that provides all federal agency shutdown contingency plans, visit the Oregon State Research Office website.

We will keep you informed of further details regarding federal budgetary actions and their effect on OSU operations. As always, we are committed to efforts to minimize any impact on OSU’s community, research and land grant programs.

Mike Green
Vice President
Finance and Administration

Irem Tumer
Interim Vice President