The OHSU and OSU IRBs have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that enables OSU to defer oversight to OHSU under the following circumstances:

  1. Research that recruits and enrolls only OHSU research subjects, or
  2. Research that is conducted by faculty with joint OHSU/OSU appointments, or
  3. Applications for which OHSU is either the primary or sub-awardee on a grant or contract, so long as OHSU is considered engaged in research as defined by the Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP).

After OSU makes the determination to defer oversight, it is the PI’s responsibility to ensure that OSU receives a copy of all approval and approved documents from OHSU.

For your convenience, the OSU IRB Staff can now obtain those documents for you!

If you would like for the OSU IRB Staff to download the relevant documents directly from OHSU’s electronic IRB system, please follow the instructions below. If you prefer, you may continue to download these documents yourself and email them to within 30 days of any action. Completing the relevant sections of the new application and protocol form is required in either case.

Step I. Submit the NEW application and protocol form to OSU’s IRB

  1. Download and complete the relevant sections of the new application and protocol form (see the Submission Steps under Preparing an Initial Submission) so that the OSU IRB can determine whether or not to defer oversight to OHSU
  2. The OSU IRB will issue a deferral notice when a determination is made


  1. Log into the OHSU IRB system and go to the “Add Study Team Member Section”
  2. In the “*Study team member:”
    1. Type “Staff OSUIRB”
  3. Under “Role in research”
    1. Select the “Administrative/Financial Only” box
  4. Under “*Is the team member involved in the consent process?”
    1. Click “No”
  5. Under “*Does the team member have a financial interest related to this research?”
    1. Click “No”
  6. Forward approval-related emails to within 30 days of receipt. When a submission of any kind has been approved, the OHSU system generates an email that the PI receives. Simply forward us the email to notify us that something has been approved. The OSU IRB Staff will take care of the rest!
  7. Please see the screenshot below for an example.

 Please note that you may also add OSU IRB Staff to studies that have already been approved.