Studies are reviewed by the full board when they involve more than minimal risk to research subjects or do not otherwise fit into a minimal risk category of research.

Effective March 18, 2024

IRB Leadership (Primary Members) Role Department
Melissa Cheyney Scientist, Chair Anthropology
Jane Ishmael Scientist, Vice Chair Pharmacology
Primary Members Role Department
Christopher Kargel Scientist Medicine, Anthropology
Chris McFarland Prisoner Representative Community Member
Karen Thompson Scientist College of Education
Tasha Schekochikhina Scientist, Unaffiliated Community Member
Nat Krancus Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Alternate Members Role Department
Cass Dykeman Scientist College of Education
Leah Minc Scientist Anthropology
Elizabeth Tomasino Scientist Food Science and Technology
David Kerr Scientist School of Psychological Sciences
Evan de Szoeke Scientist Community Member
Sam Logan Scientist College of Health
Adeline Oka Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Comedy Millar Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Sonnary Campbell Non-scientist Office of Research Integrity
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Office Staff
Nat Krancus, MA, CIP HRPP Analyst
Adeline Oka, MFA, MPhil HRPP Analyst
Comedy Millar, MPH HRPP Analyst
Sonnary Campbell, BA HRPP Analyst
Bridget Watson, MBA HRPP Administrator