1. Determine who will be the Principal Investigator (PI). To qualify as a Principal Investigator, individuals must have an OSU appointment and be working within the scope of that appointment in performing the research.
  2. All study team members must complete the online ethics training modules. Students should use their OSU ONID email address wherever an email address is requested (primary, secondary, and institutional address fields), and faculty and staff should use their 'firstname.lastname@oregonstate.edu' email address in those fields. A match between your email address in CITI and in Banner is what enables your training records to be imported into your user profiles in iRIS
  3. If you have questions or need assistance from HRPP staff, you can request a remote advising session.
  4. The Office of Information Security is happy to collaborate with researchers early in protocol development to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are in place to protect research data. Data security plans for systems storing Level 3 data must be reviewed by the Information Security Office. If you wish to schedule a research security consultation, please email Information.SecurityOffice@oregonstate.edu.
  5. If you are proposing research that involves accessing OSU student records, complete the feasibility determination form required by the Office of the Registrar and review the guidance on students and employees as research subjects for additional instructions.
  6. Contact the Research Conflict of Interest Program Administrator if you have financial conflicts of interest related to your research.
  7. Contact the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development about any transfer of biological materials to or from OSU.
  8. Contact Chris Nelson at the Writing Center if you would like help with improving the quality of protocol and consent documents.

All new submissions must come through iRIS.

The HRPP Application enables users to submit requests for oversight determinations, .118 determinations for federal funding agencies, requests for OSU to cede oversight to an external IRB, and new applications for review.

New iRIS Users Only: If you are unable to login or access the HRPP application, complete and submit a Request for iRIS Access. You will receive a link to iRIS once access is setup.

  1. Login to iRIS with your OSU ONID credentials
  2. Go to My Profile > My account
  3. Upload your CV or resume
  4. Confirm the accuracy of your training history. If you do not see your training records, login to your existing CITI account and ensure that the correct OSU email address was used (see step 2 under 'Pre-submission steps' above)
  5. Complete the HRPP Application in iRIS

    Please contact us with your questions, suggestions, and any training requests.

  6. Create a consent or assent document or guide and upload the attachments at the end of the application process.
  7. Draft related documents, such as recruitment materials and test instruments (e.g., questionnaires, surveys, interview or focus group guides, etc.), and upload these attachments at the end of the application process.