Step 1: Determine who will be the Principal Investigator (PI). To qualify as a Principal Investigator, individuals must have an OSU appointment and be working within the scope of that appointment in performing the research.

Step 2: All study team members must complete the online ethics training modules.

Step 3:

Complete the NEW application and protocol form.

The form is long but you will check more boxes and write less content than the previous forms. The instructions account for more than half of the content and, depending on the study, many sections can be skipped. This new form reflects changes in HRPP policies and procedures and will serve as a bridge between the previous forms and the eventual web-based system. Your feedback on the content of this form is vital during this transition. Please contact us with your questions, suggestions, and any training requests.

Note: Many other forms have been eliminated or incorporated into this new form, including the Oversight Determination form, Initial Application, and forms related to radiation, biosafety, and FDA-regulated interventions.

In order for the form to be fully functional, the operating system and Microsoft Office may need to be updated on your device.

Step 4: Create a consent or assent document or guide.

Step 5: Draft and attach related documents, such as recruitment materials and test instruments (e.g., questionnaires, surveys, interview or focus group guides, etc.).

Step 6: If you are proposing research that involves accessing OSU student records, complete the feasibility determination form required by the Office of the Registrar and review the guidance on students and employees as research subjects for additional instructions.

Step 7: If applicable, complete forms or requirements related to vulnerable populations and others requiring additional safeguards.

Step 8: Contact the Conflict of Interest Administrator if you have research-related conflicts of interest to discuss.

Step 9: Contact Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development about any transfer of biological materials to or from OSU.

Step 10: Contact Dennis Bennett at the Writing Center if you would like help with improving the quality of protocol and consent documents.