Update: Beginning January 2017, OSU will require that research ethics training be renewed every three years. This can be accomplished by completing the initial or refresher course offered by CITI.

The research community has a responsibility to ensure that the treatment of human subjects in research meets the highest ethical standard. Recognizing this responsibility, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires NIH funding recipients to certify training in the ethical use of humans in research. Endorsing the goals of such training, the OSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires education in the protection of human research participants for all researchers conducting research involving human subjects, not just those receiving NIH funding.

  • OSU study team members: Complete and pass the appropriate CITI Course. Learners can do this by selecting Group 1 or Group 2 under Human Subjects Protection (not Responsible Conduct of Research). 
  • Non-OSU study team members: There are two training options:
    1. OSU CITI Course, or
    2. Provide documentation of relevant training found acceptable by the IRB or ethics board at their home institution.

If a non-OSU study team member is unable to complete, or provide proof of completion, of the above described training (for reasons such as illiteracy, inability to use a computer, or CITI training is not offered in the individual’s native language) please contact the HRPP Office for additional options.

  • All individuals conducting FDA-regulated studies of drugs or devices, or NIH-funded clinical trials: In addition to the above required modules, complete and pass the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training.
    • OSU researchers can do this by logging in to CITI and add a course, selecting Group 5 (Drugs), Group 6 (Devices), and/or Group 7 (NIH-funded clinical trials) under Human Subjects Protection.
    • Non-OSU study team members must complete GCP training through their home institution or they can add an OSU affiliation to their CITI account and then complete this training.

Approval of research projects will not be issued until documentation of training has been received by the IRB for all study team members. Study team members for whom the IRB has already recorded training completion will not be required to provide additional documentation of training.

If you have an OSU affiliation (faculty, staff, or student), use your OSU email address for the primary and institutional addresses.

Please see the FAQ on ethics training for additional instructions.