Introducing iRIS!

iRIS is OSU’s new RCOI disclosure system and will serve as the new IACUC and HRPP/IRB submission systems in the future.

COI Module

Here’s what you can expect from the system:


What’s changing?

  • New URL for logging into the system
  • Streamlined form with new questions that are only relevant to you
  • Ability to copy previous iRIS submissions without the need for manual re-entry
  • Feedback on confusing language or typos in forms can be addressed more quickly
  • Policy changes, such as narrowing the definitions of “family member” and “IP interest”


What stays the same?

  • Expiration/due dates
  • Automated reminders to submit annual disclosures
  • Use of ONID credentials for login


Want more information about the RCOI Program and Policy? Go to:


Getting Started

Login to iRIS using your ONID credentials at

Watch videos below for creating, completing and submitting a new form, as well as copying a new form in the future.

For guidance using screenshots, visit the iRIS COI Screenshots Page.


1. Creating an RCOI Form
2. Completing an RCOI Form
3. Submitting an RCOI Form
4. Copying an RCOI Form

Request Access to the COI Form in iRIS

Professorial faculty, research associates, post-doctoral scholars/fellows, and some others will automatically have access to the RCOI form.  If you have checked and do not have access, request access using this form: Request iRIS Access Form


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I access the system?

Login to iRIS using your ONID credentials at


When do I need to complete my annual COI form?

iRIS will send an automated reminder 30 days before your next form is due.  Look for an email from "".


What is the expiration date of my previous form?

At this time, you cannot see your current expiration date.  iRIS will send an automated reminder 30 days before your next form is due.  After you submit a form in iRIS your annual expiration/due date will change to one year from the date of submission (e.g., if you submit on September 18, 2017, your next annual form will be due on September 18, 2018).

If you would like to know your expiration date from the old COI system, contact the RCOI Program Office at


How do I transfer my form from the old system?

Your previous form cannot transfer to the new system primarily due to the differences in questions.  These differences, however, should result in fewer interests needing to be disclosed.  If you would like to see a copy of your last COI disclosure form, contact the RCOI Program Office at


I can’t find the RCOI form in iRIS; how do I get access?

Individuals automatically have access to the RCOI form in iRIS based on their position at OSU.  If you are not able to find the form in iRIS, complete a Request iRIS Access Form.


Do I need to complete an annual RCOI form?

All professor faculty, research associates, and post-doctoral scholars/fellows are required to complete an annual COI disclosure form.  In addition, any individual who is responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of OSU research should complete a form.  If you do not currently have access to a COI form, complete a Request iRIS Access Form.


How do I find the status of my annual RCOI disclosure?

After you have submitted a COI disclosure form in iRIS, you can see the status of the form in your “Annual COI Disclosure Form” dashboard.  Upon logging into iRIS, select “Annual COI Disclosure Form” under the “Conflict of Interest Forms” menu.  A list of all your COI disclosure forms will appear; the “Submission Date” column will indicate when your form was submitted.  Your new expiration date will be the same date next year.



Contact Info

For questions regarding the RCOI disclosure form, the RCOI Policy, the RCOI module in iRIS, or anything else related to research conflicts of interest, contact:

Nicole Wolf
RCOI Program Administrator



IACUC Module

Look for updates in 2018!



Look for updates in 2018!