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National Science Foundation
ORD Notice of Intent Deadline: 
Agency Deadline: 
Limit per Institution: 

NSF National Quantum Virtual Laboratory (NQVL)


Research Office Notice of Intent Deadline:  September 1, 2024

NSF Letter of Intent (required):  October 6, 2023

Full Proposal:  November 30, 2023


Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization: 1


Up to one (1) QSTD Pilot proposal may be submitted per Lead Organization.


Prepare the following information to enter in the attached InfoReady form:

  • PI name, title, and contact information
  • Descriptive Proposal Title
  • Project Summary: 3 or 4 sentences or bullet points that provide an overview of the objective(s) of your proposed project, how you plan to do it, and the expected outcome.
  • Team: 5 or 6 sentences or bullet points that highlight team expertise as it relates to the project.
  • Budget: Example: The total cost of the project is anticipated to be $ X, with $ Y being requested from the Agency. Agency funds will be used for: $ A for personnel; $ B for operations, and $ C for broader impacts/subcontracts etc.
  • Submission history: Is this a resubmission?
  • Optional - Suggest one or two names to serve on the internal review committee


PROJECT DESCRIPTION (1 page) - please use an 11 point or higher font with one-inch margins and upload as a pdf to InfoReady

Problem statement: Clear and concise statement of description of the pilot phase, including:

  • Theme alignment: Describe how your project aligns with a theme identified in the solicitation and summarize any feedback recieved from the program officer in the required conversation (see solicitation).

  • Intellectual Merit/ Objectives: How will the proposed project contribute new knowledge or methods to the field?

  • Technical Readiness

  • Potential Cost (outline cost analysis)

  • Impacts: Outline expected QSTD impacts vis-à-vis the goals of the NQVL Program.

  • Abbreviated CV or biographical sketch of the principal investigator – separate page (not included in page limit)