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Simons Foundation
Limit per Institution: 
See website for limits

Simons Investigators Nomination Procedure


Oregon State University is invited to submit nominations for the Simons Investigators programs in the following categories:

  • Mathematics,  - 2 nominations
  • (Theoretical) Physics, - 2 nominations
  • (Theoretical) Astrophysics  - 2 nominations
  • Theoretical Computer Science  2 nominations
  • Within the Physics program, the foundation also invites nominations for Theoretical Physics in Life Sciences Investigators  - up to one

Limited Submission Guidelines: 

Each institution may submit up to two nominations in each of the Mathematics, Physics, Astrophysics and Theoretical Computer Science programs
(e.g., two in Mathematics, two in Physics) and up to one additional nomination in Theoretical Physics in Life Sciences (e.g., three total in Physics — two for Theoretical
Physics and one for Theoretical Physics in the Life Sciences

The aim of the Simons Investigators programs is to identify and support the most active and creative researchers during the years when they are developing into and serving as the intellectual leaders of the field and to provide them with resources to undertake new and creative investigations. The nominees are judged on their potential for innovative contributions to science over the coming years.

Details of the programs, including eligibility requirements and nomination procedure, are provided at the following Website

We ask that nominations be treated confidentially — the nominees should not know they are being nominated if possible.

For the purposes of the Notice of Intent to apply to the RO, refer to the Nomination Instructions #1 and #6, in this PDF of Simons Nomination Instructions

And provide:

1.  Title Page - (follow instructions in the PDF)

6. Proposal Attachments - Nomination Letter and Nominees Curriculum Vitae.

  • Internal Notice of Intent to Nomination to RO by Friday, September 10, 2021   -    SMARTSHEET FORM
  • All nominations must be received by the foundation by October 20, 2021.
    • Nominations must be submitted through an online process via proposalCENTRAL (, as outlined in the Nomination Instructions documents.