Rich Carter, Karl Mundorf, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Irem Tumer, Tuba Ozkan-Haller (funded by NSF)

The Promotion and Tenure: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PTIE) project brings together researchers and administrators from over 60 institutions of higher education and national organizations, across academic disciplines.  It supports efforts to: 1) explore the current state of faculty members’ innovation and entrepreneurial (I&E) impact within promotion and tenure (P&T) considerations, across US institutions of higher education, 2) strategically develop a coalition of institutions across US types that can promote structures and processes that inclusively recognize diverse faculty I&E impacts nationally, and 3) document the intra- and inter-institutional successes and challenges to inclusively recognize faculty I&E nationally. The project has disseminated research led by Associate Professor Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, gathered across 99 institutions of higher education around the current state of structures and processes that inclusively recognize diverse faculty I&E across the US. 

From these findings, the PTIE Coalition has now developed best practice “road maps” for individual universities to augment their individual P&T guidelines to more inclusively support I&E amongst their faculty, including structures and processes that attend to and support diversity, equity and inclusion. Institutional recommendations have been adopted by dozens of universities across the US. The work continues to impact realities at diverse institutions of higher education across the United States and, ultimately, will enhance universities’ and their faculty members’ contributions to local and national economies, and discoveries that provide solutions to some of the most pressing socio-scientific problems of humankind.