Date Open: 
Department of Energy
Agency Deadline: 
Limit per Institution: 
2 - 1 spot left/But the mandatory preproposal date was 1/16/2020
Important Notes: 
Full proposal by invitation only.

The DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) announced a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Energy Frontier Research Centers (EFRCs). The competition will be open both to proposals from existing EFRCs seeking renewal of support, and to proposals from institutions seeking to establish new EFRCs under the program.  Applications will be required to address priority research directions and opportunities identified in recent BES workshop and roundtable reports, the scientific grand challenges identified in the report Directing Matter and Energy: Five Challenges for Science and the Imagination, and the opportunities described in the report Challenges at the Frontiers of Matter and Energy: Transformative Opportunities for Discovery Science.

BES is soliciting proposals in four (4) topical areas: 1) Environmental Management (new and renewal proposals); 2) Quantum Information Science (new proposals only); 3) Microelectronics (new proposals only); and 4) Polymer Upcycling (new proposals only).

Proposal Limit: 2 (as the lead organization)

Preproposal Limited Submission Selection Process -  Energy Frontier Research Centers – DE-FOA-0002204


  • Letter of Intent due to Research Office:  December 9, 5 pm.
  • Reviewed by the internal selection committee – December 11 – 18, 2019.
  • Proposers notified of internal selection on December TBD
  • Mandatory pre-applications are due to DOE by January 16, 2020.
  • Pre-applications will be evaluated, and applicants with the highest-rated pre-applications will be invited to submit full applications. - Response Date 2/25/2020
  • Full applications are due by April 7, 2020.
  1. Cover Page with the following information: (1-2 pages)

Grant Competition: DOE Energy Frontier Research Centers

Proposal Title:

Submitting Unit: (Department, School, College, or Center)

Investigators:  Please complete Table 1. Include name(s), rank(s), and affiliations(s) of senior/key personnel, and clearly identify lead PI and co-PI(s)

Table 1: Senior/Key personnel on the application and institutional affiliations

                                       Senior/Key Personnel Table
Last Name                   First Name                                Institution

Basic Research Needs Report(s) that will be targeted –

  •  Grand Challenges addressed by EFRC
  • Transformative Opportunities
  1. Project Description (3-page limit)

A brief description of the proposed effort written for a review panel composed to mirror the review panel of the agency/program. (See pre-application click on this LINK)

    • A clear and concise statement of the scientific mission of the proposed EFRC and a set of integrated four-year research goals designed to support that mission
    • A description of the research methods and approaches that will be used to achieve the goals of the EFRC
    • An explanation of the importance of the proposed research and its potential scientific impact
    • A discussion of how the proposed research is responsive to the objectives of this FOA
    • A short statement of competitiveness (i.e., what you think will discriminate your proposal from the competition, including anything you have done to pre-position yourself/your team for this funding opportunity)
  1. CV and Current and Pending Support (3 pages - lead-PI only) – standard 2-page biosketch and 1 page for current and pending with explanations.  Describe the overlap of current grants and proposed EFRC submission. If there is no overlap, this should be stated.  If this is a resubmission, attach reviews from the previous submission.


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