We are pleased to announce that the nomination period for the 3rd Annual Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars Fellowship Award  - waiting for 2022 RFP

Limited Submission - 1 nomination per institution

Deadline for Internal Review Process - 

Agency Deadline - 

Background: The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars program will support individual scientists of exceptional creativity who have an MD or PhD degree (or both) and who have completed a minimum of three years of a post-doctoral fellowship by July 1, 2021 in the field of neurosciences and hold a post­ doctoral research position at a United States medical school, research institute or academic hospital.

These awards are given as a transitional post-doctoral award for recipients to enable their advance to a full-time faculty member at the Assistant Professor  level or higher. The medical school,  research institute or academic hospital appointing the scholar will be awarded $200,000 annually for two years to cover their salary, lab costs, and related expenses. Under certain circumstances, the awardee may transfer funding in year 2 to  support  their  faculty  position.  Indirect  cost  of  up  to  15%  of  direct costs, may be included in the $200,000. All applicants are required to provide 75% effort.

General guidance for the preparation of letters of intent to the Research Office:  email to research.development@oregonstate.edu

Nomination Material for Review: email to research.development@oregonstate.edu

  • Solicitation Name and Descriptive Title
  • Project Summary:  One page that provides an overview of the objective of your proposed research, how you plan to do it, and the expected outcome.
  • Use 1-2 pages with the following:
    • Project Significance:  Description of your applicant background and the special characteristics that you have for implementing the proposed project and career plan..
    • Explain: How you will measure the effectiveness of your work, specifically Indicating criteria for success and the results you expect to have achieved by the end of the funding period
    • Budget:  Example:  The total cost of the project is anticipated to be $ X, with $ Y being requested from the Foundation.
    • NIH Biosketch or abbreviated CV
    • At least one letter of support.
  • Suggested Reviewers: (1 page) Optional – but as you write envision who might be a reviewer of your proposal or the Program Officer.
    • Reviewer 1: Area of expertise




Date Open: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Warren Alpert Foundation
Limit per Institution: 
Important Notes: 
Waiting for new RFP