Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration
Oregon State University
Updated 07/30/2015

Cayuse is the electronic proposal management system used by Oregon State University for institutional review and authorization of all externally funded research projects. The Cayuse database includes an extensive list of potential Sponsors, Sub-contractors and Collaborating organizations. For the best results, when searching the database, limit your search term to one word of the formal name of the organization.

Should you be unable to locate the relevant organization, please complete the information detailed below and send this form to the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA) via by pressing the "Submit" button. You will receive email notification when the Cayuse database has been updated to include your organization.

If you have questions or encounter difficulties, please contact OSRAA via

For a PDF version of this form click here: Cayuse Sponsor/Sub-Contractor Registration Form

Thank You.

Street address of the organization.
City, State, and ZIP code of the organization.
The County (not Country) in which the organization's physical address resides. If a foreign entity, enter "N/A".
Web location of the organization's equivalent to our Sponsored Programs Office. Location of information regarding the Authorizing Official, indirect rate of organized research, TID/EIN, etc.
For foreign entities, enter "N/A".
Search for UEI # here: The Unique Entity ID is a 12-character alphanumeric identifier used in and other federal government systems as a way to identify a unique entity.
Search for congressional district here:// For foreign entities, enter "N/A".
If this entity is a non-profit, please indicate if it is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Facilities and administration rate, indirect rate or overhead rate charged in addition to direct project costs in order to cover the costs of administering the award, providing facilities and infrastructure services. If the organization does not charge F&A, enter zero.
Your contact email.
Lead PI of the proposal OSU project team.
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