This training is required for anyone that needs grants query only, grants administration, and/or final approver access in Banner.

The training consists of a user manual, four interactive online modules, and a test:

  • The user manual gives an overview of grant fundamentals, the grant forms in banner, AWA, and Data Warehouse reports, and viewing documentation in Nolij.
  • The online modules allow learners to practice using Banner forms, run reports in AWA, and Data Warehouse, and view documents in Nolij.
  • The test is designed to ensure proficiency in Banner, grant fundamentals, and policies.

Just need a refresher?  Select the online module you would like to review below.

User Manual:

Banner FIS Grants User Manual

Online Modules:

Banner FIS Grants – AWA

Banner FIS Grants

Banner FIS Grants - Additional Forms

Banner FIS Grants - Search

Banner FIS Grants – Nolij