Role of Research Advancement

Research Advancement strives to increase our investigators’ competitiveness in obtaining extramural funding for research, scholarship, creative activity, and public engagement. Research development activities include facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations, offering workshops, managing the limited submission process, and coordinating internal funding programs.

Research Impact Stories

Rich Carter, Karl Mundorf, Jana Bouwma-Gearhart, Irem Tumer, Tuba Ozkan-Haller (funded by NSF)

The Promotion and Tenure: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PTIE) project brings together researchers and administrators from over 60 institutions of higher education and national organizations, across academic disciplines.  It supports efforts to: 1) explore the current state of faculty members’ innovation and entrepreneurial (I&E) impact within promotion and tenure (P&T) considerations, across US institutions of higher education, 2) strategically develop a coalition of...

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Shawn Rowe, Associate Professor (funding from NSF)

Oregon Sea Grant's Cyberlab uses real-time assessment and evaluation allowing visitors at the Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitors Center the opportunity to construct knowledge across learning contexts and become active participants in research. Such technologies allow for continuous data collection across multiple learning contexts and promote active participation of learners. Projects have explored public understanding of...

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Michelle Barnhart (Associate Professor of Marketing) and Aimee Huff (Assistant Professor of Marketing)

Michelle Barnhart and Aimee Huff study emergent consumer cultures around guns and firearms, specifically focusing on segments of the population who believe guns are essential for their safety and protection. This stream of research has produced important insights into what factors promote and maintain the most ardent proponents of firearm culture, and these researchers have become publicly-facing experts (with coverage ranging from interviews on NBC Nightly News to authoring invited...

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