Research Impact and Advancement (RIA) Academy

The Research Impact and Advancement Academy (RIAA) is launching in fall 2022. This research leadership professional development program aims to provide faculty fellows opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, practices, and relationships needed to successfully lead large transdisciplinary proposals & funded solutions-focused research programs.

For the purposes of the Academy, transdisciplinary is defined as solutions-oriented research that engages partners across disciplines and sectors to generate interdisciplinary knowledge to address critical societal challenges.

The RIAA will embody the themes of solutions enterprise leadership, intellectual humility, exposing implicit truths and barriers to success, and reciprocal team and partnership practices. The Academy will consist of a series of nine workshops in Fall and Winter terms through which 20 faculty fellows will explore evidence, mindsets, tools and practices in the following topical areas:

  • Preparing to Lead: The Opportunity and Challenge of Going Big
  • Design Thinking: Centering User Driven Solutions
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice in Research Teams
  • The Science of Team Science
  • Strategic and Reciprocal Cross-Sector Partnerships
  • Tools for Successful Transdisciplinary Leadership
  • Tools for Successful Transdisciplinary Proposals
  • Building a Legacy of Research Impacts 
  • Communicating with Funders & Preparing a Pitch 

In Spring of 2023 Fellows will submit applications to access seed funds. These funds will be used execute research development plans and lead transdisciplinary teams to pursue large proposals. Interested faculty should reach out to for more information.

Valley Fellows Program

The Valley Fellows program was established in 2022 to support a cohort of ten exceptional junior faculty with innovative research in the field of biohealth sciences. Made possible by a generous grant from the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation, the Valley Fellows will join a multiyear cohort as part of the RIA Academy to build the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake large federally-funded, collaborative, transdisciplinary, team-based projects. During the course of the three year Valley Fellows program, our talented faculty will learn to engage in a new mindset and framework to change how we envision research, learning, and community engagement, leading to team-based transdisciplinary approaches to create impactful solutions to make OSU a leader in the emerging area of biohealth sciences over the next decade.

Following the first year of the RIA Academy, the Valley Fellows are eligible to receive seed funding that will support them in their application for larger federal grants. As part of the larger RIA Academy cohort, they will prepare a proposal and make a pitch in April 2023 for their seed funding needs, their research plans and team building, and their proposal writing goals.