Dong Lin

I research manufacturing functional structures and critical materials. We learn from nature and others to develop novel manufacturing processes and wish to serve the society and community by advancing manufacturing knowledge and application.


Houssam Abbas

I am an engineer, collaborating with philosophers and policy people, to work on design theory and tools for creating autonomous robots imbued with explicit ethical principles. These principles will allow robots to have safe and rich interactions with us in our daily lives.


Holly Arnold

As a data scientist, I envision a world where microbiomes are reverse engineered to optimize healthspan. As a veterinarian, my collaborations are fueled by the fact that human, animal, and ecosystem health are indivisibly linked.

Tekla Bude

I'm a literary and cultural historian who is hoping to build partnerships between the sciences and humanities to create a risk-analysis and risk-mitigation thinktank at OSU that partners with community, NGO, industry, and governmental organizations to assess the best practices for handling large-scale social problems.

Ivan Carbajal

I am a psychological scientist committed to culturally sensitive and adaptive research. I collaborate with people in public health, social work, law, and AI development to support culturally competent policies.


Kelsey Emard

I am a human-environment geographer collaborating with climate scientists, farmers, fishers, and university extension partners to prepare our food systems for future climate conditions. Our work supports adaptive and equitable rural communities, which are the foundation of the global food supply.

Jessica Garwood

I am a coastal oceanographer who collaborates with engineers and governmental scientists to understand the impact of our changing climate on ocean ecosystems.

Joe Louis

I am civil engineering researcher who is passionate about providing people in the field with the actionable information at the right time and the right place with minimal effort.


Jay Kim

I am an engineer and biomechemist who is committed to improve workers' health and well-being. I partner with engineers, scientist, and industries to develop and evaluate evidence-based interventions to reduce occupational injuries and illness.


Matt Robinson

I am a muscle physiologist who seeks to improve human health by performing translational research projects of metabolism. I partner with clinicians and scientists to find new approaches to treat and prevent metabolic disease.

Si Hong Park

I am a food safety microbiologist who investigates microbiomes related to human life. I collaborate with agricultural scientists to resolve food safety concerns and public health challenges through microbiome modulation.


Mark Raleigh

I am a hydrologist collaborating with other Earth scientists and water management to advance the current understanding and future prediction of water resources in mountainous watersheds, the “water towers of the world.”

Dana Sanchez

I am a wildlife ecologist building sustainable interactions between voles and human food, economies, and spaces at which they frequently clash. I contribute innovative, non-lethal, and non-toxic tools that enable coexistence in our shared ecosystems. 


Alyssa Shiel

I am an environmental geochemist collaborating with ecologists, geographers, social scientists, epidemiologists, computer scientists, and communities to reduce levels of environmental contaminants that threaten human and ecosystem health.

Tim Zeuhlsdorff

I am a theoretical/computational chemist working with physicists and material scientists to understand the function of complex biological systems and nanostructured materials. I am particularly interested in problems related to sustainability and green energy.


Jamon Van Den Hoek

I am a geospatial scientist working to improve how we use Earth observation and geospatial data to address problems at the intersection of climate change, livelihoods, and peace/conflict relationships in humanitarian settings. I am most interested in developing scalable approaches and forward-looking solutions that can be adopted by humanitarian practitioners, policymakers, journalists, and others outside of academia.

Xiao Fu
I am a computer scientist working on theory and algorithms of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I collaborate with scholars and professionals in geoscience and remote sensing, underwater acoustics, smart health, computational ecology, and wireless communications, designing innovative solutions to address critical challenges in these domains.