Part of the Research Office Learning Lab series, this workshop is co-sponsored by the Center for the Humanities, the Office for Research Advancement, and the Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts

Format: Two afternoon workshops (April 21, 2-6 pm and May 5, 2-5 pm) and one hour follow-up session by appointment.

Funding: Participants who meet all the workshop expectations will receive a $500 unrestricted seed grant sponsored by the Center for the Humanities and Office for Research Advancement.

Workshop availability: Space is limited. All applicants will be notified of status prior to the start of the program. At least half of the spaces are reserved for humanities faculty.

Application Deadline: April 5, 2023

Apply here or download the full Request for Applications for more detail.

Workshop Goals:

  • Build relationships with peers outside of your discipline interested in common societal challenges
  • Learn which funders are interested in the intersection of humanities, science, and technology in the context of grand societal challenges
  • Effectively communicate about a cross-disciplinary project, including writing a concept paper or book proposal
  • Gain knowledge, leadership skills, and insight from peers and senior colleagues
  • Long term: Submit a competitive grant proposal to support multi- or transdisciplinary work

Workshop Expectations:

  • Attend and participate in two sessions and a short writing assignment  
  • Attend a follow-up coaching session to discuss personalized funding landscape  and contribute to program evaluation


  1. OSU faculty  
  2. Area of research or scholarship using one of the following approaches:
  • Humanities – We welcome all disciplines using humanistic methodology including, but not limited to, history; art history; philosophy; anthropology; indigenous studies; medical humanities; queer studies; social justice; women, gender, and sexuality studies.
  •  STEM – We welcome scientists, engineers, and social scientists applying quantitative or mixed methodologies.