The Office of Research Integrity (ORI) supports OSU’s commitment to engaging in exceptional research by collaborating with faculty, staff, and students to facilitate ethical research and ensure regulatory compliance.

Research Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest (COI) occurs when a person has relationships or interests that affect - or could appear to affect - their professional judgment as they perform their OSU-affiliated work and responsibilities.

Animal Program Office

OSU's Animal Care and Use Program ("Program") comprises all activities conducted by and at the University that have a direct impact on the well-being of animals.

Human Research Protection

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) and IRB support OSU’s commitment to research by working to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects who participate in research.

Scientific Diving

Any university employee, or person(s) conducting scientific diving under the auspices of Oregon State University, must meet OSU standards and polices and have their diving approved by the OSU Diving Control Board (DCB).

Scientific Boating

The OSU Small Boat Safety Program works with OSU faculty, staff, students, and approved volunteers using small motorized or non-motorized boats as part of their field research, providing the support needed to operate safely in their research environments.

Export Control & International Compliance

The Office of Export Control & International Compliance at OSU was established to help the OSU community navigate the complex environment of export regulations and international laws.