This checklist is intended to assist departing faculty in transferring or closing out their research-related activities. Prior to leaving OSU, please complete all relevant areas below and contact the related units as appropriate. This checklist is for reference and does not need to be returned to the Research Office or Environmental Health and Safety.

  •  Contact the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration when faculty member will transfer to a new institution, in order to initiate transfer of open award(s) or assignment of new OSU Principal Investigator(s)
  •  If faculty member will disengage from project(s) during sabbatical, contact the Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration to initiate request for sponsor approval of interim Principal Investigator(s)

Contact OSRAA
(541) 737-4933

Property must remain with the party having legal title, unless express permission is given to transfer such property.  OSU, not the PI, generally holds title and/or licenses property.  The OSU Advantage team serves as a resource to make determinations on appropriate action with regard to all dispositions of intellectual property.

Industry-funded research
  •  Contact the OSU Advantage team with a list of all active industry sponsored contracts
  •  Determine if industry sponsor wishes to transfer project with PI, obtain new OSU PI, or terminate
  •  For projects to be transferred to new institution, please:
    •  Provide contact(s) at new institution to effect transfer
    •  Inform the OSU Advantage team of any obligations to OSU graduate students or other personnel on industry-sponsored project. Work with the OSU Advantage team to effect any necessary subaward back to OSU for continued support
  •  For projects to remain at OSU, please provide contact information for replacement PI
  •  Ensure that deliverables created at OSU and due before date of departure are delivered to sponsor
  •  Make any necessary invention disclosure to declare inventions made to date at OSU
  •  Handle disposition of company materials and/or confidential information per provisions of project contract (or in absence of guidance, per MTA and CDA instructions below)
 Invention Disclosures and Patent Applications
  •  Provide a final update on previously disclosed inventions
  •  Provide a forwarding email and physical address for inventor correspondence related to patent applications resulting from inventions disclosed during tenure at OSU, including patent prosecution, assignments, declarations, royalty distributions, etc.
 Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
  •  Material in-licensed to OSU from outside party is held in a legal sense by OSU, not PI.Material must remain at OSU or be destroyed, unless new MTA is entered into between owner and new institution (with permission given by owner for OSU to make transfer directly to new institution)
  •  For OSU-owned material (generally, material made in PI-administered lab/facility) that PI wishes to transfer to new institution, an outgoing MTA with the new institution should be entered into.
Confidential information (CDAs and NDAs) 
  •  Confidential information received from outside parties is held in a legal sense by OSU, not PI.  PI must discontinue use of confidential information and leave all copies at OSU, unless CDA/NDA entered into between owner and new institution (with permission given by owner for OSU to make transfer of information directly to new institution).  Comply with any owner request to destroy copies (except that any copies required to be retained by Oregon Public Records Law and/or OSU records retention policy must be retained).

Contact the OSU Advantage team
(541) 737-3888

Research Conflicts of Interest
  • Contact the COI Office with your departure date and the name of the institution you are going to, if applicable.
  • Research COI management plan(s) will be closed when (1) your name is removed from any remaining active awards and proposals on file at OSU and (2) you no longer have an active appointment at OSU.
  • Unpaid positions at OSU that show as active still require up-to-date disclosures and training for as long as you remain an investigator on one or more OSU-based projects. 

Contact the Research COI Program Office
(541) 737-2762

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) & Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Submit a Final Report to the IRB for each open protocol to be closed and identify a records custodian and, when applicable, a plan for the destruction or future use of any biological samples
  • Submit a Modification Request to the IRB for each open protocol that is to be transferred to a new PI
  • Notify PI(s) of studies on which you are a co-investigator that you are leaving OSU so that you can be removed from the study team; or, if you intend to continue as a collaborator on an OSU study, the OSU PI must contact to the OSU HRPP so that an agreement regarding IRB oversight can be initiated with your new institution
  • Contact the IRB to confirm that all protocols have been either closed or transferred prior to departure
  • Withdraw any protocols in a pre-approval state
  • Update the status of any studies that you have registered on, including the Contact/Location section of the each record to reflect the new institution. There are penalties for failure to comply with requirements related to records, including fines and the withholding of remaining or future grant funds.
  • Research drugs (including supplements, placebo, food, etc.) must be disposed of in the manner described in the approved protocol
  • If the departing faculty member is the “sponsor” of an IND or IDE application, contact the FDA to withdraw the application if complete; transfer the application to the new institution; or transfer the application to a new OSU investigator. Provide the OSU IRB with copies of all related correspondence.
  • Contact the OSU Advantage team to initiate a Material Transfer Agreement if requesting a transfer of human biological samples to your institution (see the OSU Advantage section of this checklist for more information)
  • Contact Department Head or Center Director if requesting a transfer of data or approval to copy data

Contact HRPP
(541) 737-8008

Animal Program Office (APO) & Institutional Animal Care And Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Submit final reports for each current, approved ACUP
  • Submit an amendment to assign an approved ACUP to another OSU PI, if indicated
  • Notify the Animal Program Office to withdraw any documents under review
  • Contact the Attending Veterinarian (AV) at LARC to make final arrangements for all animals held in OSU facilities
  • Contact the LARC office if there is current access to secure animal facilities
  • Individual access codes or cards may not be transferred to other individuals
  • If controlled substances are used for animal work, contact the regional DEA office to arrange for a change of address, and substance destruction or transfer to another DEA license holder if applicable
  • Contact the OSU Advantage team to initiate a request to transfer proprietary animal model(s), if applicable (see the OSU Advantage section of this checklist for more information)
  • Contact Department Head or Center Director if requesting a transfer of data or approval to copy data

Contact APO
(541) 737-8556

Scientific Diving
  • Request AAUS Verification of Training and copy of diver file from Diving & Small Boat Safety Officer (DSO)
  • Submit all year-to-date dive logs to DSO
  • Return all loaner gear to dive locker

Contact DSO
(541) 737-6893

Scientific Boating
  • Contact BSO upon departure for closeout of boating work plans
  • Submit all year-to-date closed float plans to BSO

Contact BSO
(541) 737-5992

Office of Export Controls and International Compliance
  • Contact Export Controls and International Compliance if working under an active Technology Control Plan (TCP) or export license in order to debrief and close out;
  • Provide Export Controls with details regarding the post-departure location, disposal, or re-assignment of all export controlled equipment, hardware, software, materials, technology, and technical data;
  • Inform Export Controls when departing if you have pending transactions with the office and please provide an alternative contact; and
  • Turn in all keys and access badges to the appropriate office(s)

Contact Export Control
(541) 737-0647

Your research may contain sensitive or confidential data that requires a data security plan. OIS can provide consultation and advice to ensure this type of information is protected sufficiently. Please be sure to consult with OIS if you are holding:

  •  Controlled Unclassified Information
  •  Classified US Government Information
  •  Personal Health Information (PHI)
  •  Personal Identification Information (PII)
  •  IRB Level 3 data

Contact OIS


  •  Contact EH&S to schedule Laboratory Checkout Consultation prior to removal or transfer of any chemicals.  You can do so via the form available here:
  •  All potentially contaminated surfaces (e.g., countertops, fume hoods, cabinets, etc.) in vacated labs must be cleaned in accordance with Laboratory Checkout/Intent to Vacate Procedures

Contact EH&S
(541) 737-2273