Graduate Tuition and Fees


2017-2018 Academic Year Resident Cost Per Term

2017-2018 Academic Year Non-Resident Cost Per Term

Graduate Tuition - Base (Any Term)

$4113 $7587

Graduate Tuition - Business (Any Term)

$8472 $14808

Graduate Tuition – Engineering (Any Term)

$4773 $8247

Graduate Tuition - Medical Physics (Any Term)

$7386 $11676

Graduate Tuition - Public Health (Any Term)

$4680 $8496

Graduate Tuition -Doctor of Veterinary Medicine [1st, 2nd, 3rd years | 4th year] (Any Term)





Graduate Tuition - Doctor of Pharmacy (Any Term) $7560 $13032

Fees - Per Term


Fees - One-Time Matriculation Fee

Fees - One-time International Student Orientation Fee $50
Tuition & Fees Updated 10/24/2017



Tuition based on 12 resident credit hours in an academic term; fees will always accompany tuition charges. Increases of 4.5% per year are suggested for future tuition costs. Fees will be charged at a rate of 90% of actual costs, but this number is provided for budgetary estimation purposes.



Salary Rates for Graduate Assistants:

Graduate Students should be budgeted as Graduate Assistants if they are working more than 12 hours/week during the academic Year. Graduate Assistants receive health care and tuition remission.

Summer salary rates for Graduate Students should be the same as the rate used during the Academic Year. Graduate Assistants must be enrolled in 3 credits during summer session to be eligible for continuing benefits, such as insurance and tuition remission.


Tuition Remission for Graduate Assistants:

Rates that are established presume nine credit hours for summer session and full-time status (12-16 hours) during the academic year. For the summer session, add the additional amount shown for each hour over nine hours. The student must pay any hours above the 16 hours in the summer session.

Full tuition remission must be charged for all Graduate Assistant appointments. Tuition remission not allowed by a sponsor is a cost-share expense that must be identified in the budget and on the proposal routing form. Appointment must be between .30 FTE and .49 FTE. GRE tuition must correspond with the terms of the appointment and salary included in the budget period.


Tuition on Fellowships and other non-Graduate Assistant appointments:

Tuition on fellowships must be at a rate appropriate for the person applying (i.e. resident, non-resident, international.) Full tuition remission must be charged unless the following exceptions apply:

  • The sponsor does not allow tuition as a direct charge. If so, it must be shown as cost-share.
  • The Graduate Assistantship FTE is split between two budget indexes. The tuition should be split in the same proportion.