Within this section you will be able to find information for your cover page, budget, and limited submission opportunities. When submitting your proposal, it is important to ensure your cover page and related documents have correct information. Through the Cover Page/Application and Budgeting Information nodes you will be able to find everything you need to know about creating a successful proposal. Additionally, please refer to Limited Submissions to find if your intended sponsor has restricted submission policies or any limited funding opportunities. To find more information on the proposal cycle please refer to The Proposal Process.


Cover Page/Application Information

To find information on proposal cover pages and other Institutional Identifiers use the link below. Included are Oregon State University Application/Cover Page resources as well as City, County, State, and Federal information. This is a good place to look if you need names, addresses, and various institutional codes. 

Institutional Identifiers & Commonly Requested Information

Proposal Writing How-To

F&A Costs/Waivers

Reference Materials


Budgeting Information

Creating a budget can be a time consuming and complicated process without previous experience, click on the link below for a comprehensive guide to create your project’s budget. 

Budget Development


Limited Submission Opportunities

When you developed your proposal idea you may have come up with a specific sponsor in mind. Some sponsors, however, offer special opportunities for funding or certain restrictions. Please refer to the link below to find more about limited submissions!

Limited Submissions